Danger Dolls Post-Mortem


Hey there! I'm Arachnibot! I'm the sole dev of Danger Dolls.

I made this game for an event called the Weekly Game Jam.  As the name implies,  it runs for one week at a time. This week the theme was matryoshka dolls, so I made a small little puzzle game about a pair of nesting dolls.

The Good

  • I finished the game
  • I have a working tutorial level
  • I have non-placeholder graphics for (almost) everything
  • I think the tutorial level works pretty well for having minimal text

The Bad

  • I didn't add all the polish I wanted
  • I didn't clear out all the bugs
  • I didn't finish any levels that aren't the tutorial level
  • I didn't finish writing the song I was going to put in the game

The Results

I think this turned out pretty well for a first finished game! I'm very happy to walk into my senior year of high school with a completed project under my belt.

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